Ed Schwartzman is the owner/operator of Joe Pye Ecological Consulting. Ed founded Joe Pye Ecological in 2015 after working as a biologist and environmental professional for 13 years with the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program and Division of Water Quality.

Ed has an MS degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from the University of Maryland. In 2002, he joined the North Carolina Division of Water Quality as a biologist responsible for the development and implementation of the Unique Wetland classification, an additional category of wetland protection that recognizes North Carolina's ecologically significant wetlands.
Ed joined the NC Natural Heritage Program in January of 2006 to carry out county natural area inventories,  systematic surveys of the most significant natural places in a county. Ed completed inventories in Transylvania, Macon, Cherokee, and Graham Counties. 

Ed's skills include plant and wildlife surveys and identification, natural community description and mapping, wetland delineation, baseline documentation for conservation easements, conservation and restoration planning, and use of GIS software for natural resource mapping.
His primary professional interests include botany, herpetology, and forest and wetland ecology.

Botanical and Ecological services

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